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NEWSLETTER (January 2016)


Our Purpose:

Love God - Love Others - Serve God in the World


The Meaning of Epiphany

Epiphany, which comes from the Greek word epiphaneia, means “an appearance” or “a revealing.” Centuries ago, the church set aside January 6, the 12th day after Christmas, to mark the revealing of Jesus as Christ to the wise men, who were Gentiles. Jesus’ first followers were Jewish, so the revelation of the divine Christ to the non-Jewish magi reminds us that Jesus came to earth to save the whole world.

Symbols of Epiphany include light, a star, a crown (or three crowns) and a globe or stylized portrayal of the world. The color of Epiphany is green to symbolize life, growth, hope and eternity.

On the church calendar, the Epiphany season lasts until Ash Wednesday, which is determined by the date of Easter.



Before All Else Fails...


In Too Busy Not to Pray (InterVarsity Press), Bill Hybels cites reasons that prayers may seem to go unanswered (unconfessed sin, selfishness and so on). The most common cause, though, is prayerlessness:

“People often tell me how they have attempted to address a pressing need,” Hybels writes. “They have gone to counselors, read self-help books, claimed biblical promises, practiced self-discipline, confided in Christian friends, practiced assertiveness or submission or self-denial or positive thinking, even read books about prayer — and their need is still not met.” But when asked if they’ve prayed “fervently and regularly” about the matter, the answer is usually no.

James 4:2 says, “You do not have because you do not ask God.” So instead of thinking “When all else fails, pray,” try this: “Pray before all else fails.”


Join us on Mondays @ 10 AM as we pray for the church.



for the Church

January 31, 2016

8:30 AM

Fellowship Hall

Join us for our first 5th Sunday Church-wide Breakfast.  It will be a great hour of Christ-filled fellowship, laughter, spiritual devotion and prayer, along with some awesome food!  Invite a friend to join you for the best breakfast in town!


Leadership Training Event


January Birthdays 


06 Cyndi Petty

10 Joe Breed

18 Dawson Wooten

30 Olivia O'Farrell




View the current sermon HERE!



* Come to worship to fall more in love with God and His Word

* Participate in a small group to learn how to better love others in community


* Serve in a ministry to impact others outside the walls of the church


Kindness Counts

• Make blankets or scarves for homeless people.
• Send a care package to someone who’s in college or the military.
• Collect coins for a charity or cause.
• When you can’t attend an event, give the tickets to strangers.
• Provide tutoring or mentoring in your field of expertise.
• Offer to babysit or pet-sit for free.
• Send a note of appreciation to someone who’s made a difference in your life.
• Share your gifts of music, reading or conversation at a nursing home.
• Donate old sports equipment to schools.
• Give someone the benefit of the doubt — maybe even a family member or yourself!


Eylau United Methodist Women


The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose Purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church. 

Join us for our next meeting - February 15, 2016 @ 6:30 



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In 2015, scientists discovered more than 18,000 new species — some ancient and extinct, others contemporary. They include a cartwheeling spider; fossils of a “feathered dinosaur”; a beautiful sea slug that photographs in brilliant blues, reds and golds; a Christmas-colored plant that grows in near isolation in Mexico; and a pufferfish whose males make intricate seafloor “crop circles” as spawning nests.

Such discoveries — regardless of how old or new the species are — demonstrate the ongoing creativity of God, who both does new things and gives people new abilities to discover them.

Recently, we began a new church year with Advent. At Christmas, God did a new thing by becoming human. Now we launch into a new calendar year, in which scientists will surely discover more new creatures. The newness all around us reminds us that God is always doing a new thing in our lives, too! May our eyes be opened in 2016 to that new thing.


Grace & Peace,

Pastor Paula



“Holiness is not something we do or attain; it is the communication of the divine life, the inbreathing of the divine nature, the power of the divine presence resting on us.”

—Andrew Murray


Next Fellowship meal will be February 21!


See you there.



Liturgists for December


 3 - Don Petty

10 - Laverne Ogden

17 - Carol Stoner

24 - Jewel Sullivan

31 - Elizabeth Allison


* Please let the pastor know if you would like your name added to the Alternate liturgist list.



 Newsletter Preparation

 Newsletter Volunteer Day is Wednesday, January 20 @ 5:30 PM 





To see NEXT Year's Committee list,

 visit this link and click "LEADERSHIP"







• Gathering Time - 9:15 AM

• Sunday School for all ages - 9:45 AM

• Worship - 11:00 AM


• Prayer Meeting @ 10 AM (Check Calendar)


• Computer Class @ 11 AM (By Appointment)


• Choir Practice @ 6 PM


• Computer Class @ 11 AM (By Appointment)



Special dates


• New Year's Day, January 1, 2016

• Epiphany, January 6, 2016

• Church Council, January 10, 2016

Family Ministries, January 13, 2016

Newsletter Volunteer Day, January 20, 2016

• Worship Committee, January 20, 2016

• Church-Wide Breakfast, January 31, 2016

• Fifth Sunday Singing, January 31, 2016

• Noisy Offering, January 31, 2016