Eylau United Methodist Church

NEWSLETTER (September 2014)


Our Purpose:

Love God - Love Others - Serve God in the World


There's an app for that!

These days, there’s a smartphone app for just about everything.  But what about spiritual concerns?  Where can you turn?


Depressed? Try the joy app. Read Isaiah 51:11.

Tired? Try the renewal app. Read Isaiah 40:30-31.

Unsettled? Try the peace app. Read Philippians 4:7.

Unloved? Try the love app. Read Romans 8:38-39.

Worried? Try the refuge app. Read Psalm 46:1.

Fearful? Try the power app. Read 2 Timothy 1:7.

Guilty? Try the forgiveness app. Read Colossians 1:13-14.

Praying? Try the prayer app. Read 1 John 5:14-15.


The Scriptures are God’s storehouse of meaningful applications for what we face every day. Think of the Bible as the iTunes Store of spiritual apps. Best of all, everything’s free!
—Timothy Merrill


Computer Lessons!

Stop by the church office, Tuesday OR Thursday (mornings) for a computer lesson with the pastor.  If you don't know how to turn on a computer, not to worry, we will begin there. 


We will explore special features of the Church Webpage, like: the Calendar, the Directory and e-Newsletter sign-up!


Give us a call to set up your appointment, OR simply add your name to the sign-up list in the Gathering area of the old fellowship hall!


To receive your Church News in this electronic format only, Reply to this email with the message "Go Paperless!" 

Thank you for your efforts to use the church's resources wisely!




The Lord has placed upon the pastor's heart the need to bring a special Prayer Team together.  This may be an area where God wants to use your spiritual gifts!  


Following is a description of the Prayer Team.  Please be talking to God about this matter, and then let the pastor know if you feel divinely led to serve on this important team.


Team One will consist of individuals who are commited to praying regularly for changes that lead to health, growth, and the making of disciples of Jesus Christ.  These people will regularly and consistently implore God: 

• to act and move through the Eylau UMC congregation, 

• to make it a place of vital ministry, 

• to have an impact upon the community, 

• and to make a multitude of new disciples.  


Team One may include only a few people, but size is not the issue.  The issue is finding individuals: Whose hearts are broken over the condition of the congregation, as well as, the needs of the community, AND who believe that it is God's will that His church be used as a tool to reach out to others for Him.


Possibly God is calling you to be a part of this team!


The pastor will train team members to pray much more corporately than individually.  (Others in the congregation should be praying for individual saints and their needs).  


This prayer team will view the congregation as a unit, a group of people that God desires to leverage for effective ministry.  

• Team One members will pray that the congregation embraces an outward-focused mission, bringing to the forefront, the spiritual needs of the community.  

• They will pray for a compelling vision that will motivate and drive the congregation to great acts of ministry.  

• They will pray that the congregation will see the urgency for such a mission and vision.  


Remember, the purpose of Team One meetings is that of prayer and more prayer.  Training occurs through the focus on prayer.  If you would like to offer one hour a week, please consider your place on this very important team.


The Monday morning meetings will focus on targeted prayer for the congregation to become an effective tool for disciple making in God's kingdom, once again.



Bring a friend and your favorite dish to our

3rd Sunday Fellowship Meal!



1 – Cecil Bettes

2 – Megan Grizzle

2 – Melba Killian

9 – Reverend Paula Behrens

11 – Carol Palma

14 – Austine Harris

23 – Georgia McFaul

25 – James Wooten

25 – Charles Phillips

27 – Amber Thrapp

29 – Darlene Cross



A Tribute to Teachers!

What an awesome job I’ve got,
to nurture these dear precious tots
and help them know their lives were bought 
when Jesus gave his blood and sought
to save the soul of every tot.

What an awesome job I’ve got, 
to share the gospel with these tots
and plant in them with every thought
the prize of heaven Jesus brought
to save the soul of every tot.

What an awesome job I’ve got,
to teach against the devil’s plot
and amplify what Jesus taught
and glorify what God has wrought
to save the soul of every tot!

- MaryAnn Sundby


Making Disciples


We invite people to do THREE THINGS a week:   


1) Come to a worship service to fall more in love with God and His Word.

2) Go to a small group to love others in community.  

3) Serve in a ministry to impact others.


Love God, love others, serve God in the world.

(Simple Church, Eric Geiger)


Check out the new facebook page for Eylau UMC!


Greetings in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ:

John Wesley thought that every Christian should participate in a weekly "Class Meeting," where attendees would have the opportunity to share the ways that God was working in their lives.

He would ask questions, like, "How is it with your soul?"  So, I thought it appropriate that we have a similar small group at Eylau UMC.  I am calling it Wesley Wednesdays.

YOU are invited to join in this time of spiritual renewal in the middle of the week, Wednesdays @ 11 AM at the church.  First, we will share a short devotional and ask pertinent questions concerning our walk with the Lord.  And then, in typical Methodist fashion, we will continue our Christian fellowship over a meal at a local restaurant.  As we become more organized, we hope to post the restaurants on the church webpage ahead of time, so others may join in the fun!

If you are interested in participating in Wesley Wednesdays, please add your name to the sign-up sheet in the Gathering area of the old fellowship hall.  If enough people are interested, we hope to begin our meetings in the fall.


Pastor Paula

P.S. If you have enjoyed receiving this e-Newsletter, please invite your friends to sign up for their very own copy @ http://eylauumc.org



According to Luke, how many disciples did Jesus send out two by two ahead of him to the various towns he planned to visit?

           A. 12
           B. 70 or 72 (ancient manuscripts vary)
           C. 490 (70 times 7)
           D. 144 (12 times 12)

Answer: B (See Luke 10:1.)


 Everyday Heroes


I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble. The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker — Helen Keller


Children's Corner

Because of a back injury, a teacher had to wear a plaster cast around his upper body. It fit under his shirt and wasn’t noticeable at all.  On the first day of school, still wearing the cast, he walked confidently into a classroom full of rowdy students.

After giving a lecture and assignment, the teacher opened the window and busied himself at his desk.  When a strong breeze made his tie flap, he grabbed his stapler and stapled the tie to his chest.  Needless to say, the teacher had no trouble with discipline that year.


Sunday Morning Liturgists

You may have noticed that we now have lay readers (liturgists) during Sunday Morning worship!  We hope that not only the congregation will be blessed, but also, those who serve in this way.

Liturgist for September

7 - Bill Adams

14 - Max Harris

21 - Joe Breed

28 - Jewel Sullivan

* We still need more alternate liturgists, folks who are willing to fill the liturgist position as needed.





Censer and Incense

A censer (or thurible) is a vessel commonly used by Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches, as well as some Protestant ones, to burn incense during worship, often on special occasions.  Censers come in many sizes, shapes and designs.  A worship leader may swing a chain censer to waft the fragrant incense smoke over the congregation during a procession or benediction.   As incense burns in a censer and smoke wafts upward, it symbolizes prayers of the faithful, floating to God.  "May my prayer be set before you like incense; may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice" (Psalm 141:2).



Dates to Remember


• Gathering Time - 9:15 AM

• Sunday School - 9:45 AM

• Worship - 11:00 AM


• Prayer Team @ 10 AM (Check Calendar)


• Computer Class @ 11 AM (By Appointment)


• Wesley Wednesdays @ 11 AM (Check Calendar)

• Choir Practice @ 6 PM


• Computer Class @ 11 AM (By Appointment)


Special dates

• Labor Day (Office Closed), September 1

• Trustee Meeting, September 7

• Church Council, September 14

• 3rd Sunday Meal, September 21

• First Day of Autumn, September 23

* The pastor will be at the Clergy Gathering @ Lakeview, September 15 - 17.