Jul 07

Barefoot Sunday

imageOn Sunday, July 27, our congregation will be going barefoot to remember that not all people have shoes to wear.

  • We will hear the story of how John Wesley (as the substitute teacher) showed up with no shoes, so as to minister to a little boy who attended school barefoot, because his family could not afford shoes for him!

  • We will be taking off our shoes to experience for a short time what it is like to have no shoes to wear.

  • Those in attendance are also invited to bring a new (or gently used) pair of shoes to give away.

Why would we do that?  Because people in our community need shoes.  What are we going to do with all those shoes?  We will place them on the altar to be blessed, pack them up and then deliver them to Randy Sams’ Ourtreach Shelter in Texarkana, Texas!

So when you come to church on Sunday, July 27, be prepared to go barefoot and if you choose, bring a new (or gently used) pair of shoes to give away.