Dec 02

Preparing for Christmas

prepareWe all know that the Advent/Christmas season can sometimes be the most difficult time to focus on the REAL Reason for the Season.  So, we’ve decided that some small statements of faith may help us to do that better this year.  Here they are.  Recite them daily.  You may even wish to post them on the refrigerator or on the bathroom mirror or other places where they might get noticed as you prepare for the birth of the Christ-Child once again.


  • [First week of December] “Prepare the way for the Lord!” calls John the Baptist (Mark 1:3, NIV). Indeed, prepare a way in my heart, Lord God.

  • [Second week of December] I’m still pretty patient and calm, Lord, yet my anticipation tickles around the edges of this busy time. Keep my heart focused on you as Christmas draws closer.

  • [Third week of December] “Here am I, the servant of the Lord,” said Mary (Luke 1:38, NRSV). If a young girl so trusted God’s goodness, surely I can, too.

  • [Christmas Eve] For a blessed hour now, amid the excitement of this holy night, I pause, dear Jesus, to nestle your newborn sweetness close to my heart.

  • [Christmas Day] Perhaps someone among us is lonely today, or sad, or scared. May their needs be made known to those of us, the church, who can meet them with God’s Christmas love. Amen.

  • [Fourth week of December] Show us how to receive you always with delight, Jesus, as Simeon and Anna received you in the temple (Luke 2:25-38).

  • [New Year’s Eve] Dear God, I leave the past year in your keeping and open my heart to the year to come, confident that you journey at my side.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!