Oct 06

Team One!

Prayer TeamTeam One is a group of individuals who are committed to praying regularly for changes that lead to health, growth, and the making of disciples of Jesus Christ.

Join us in this ministry to regularly and consistently implore God: to act and move through the Eylau UMC congregation, to make it a place of vital ministry, to have an impact upon the community, and to make a multitude of new disciples of Jesus Christ.

Team One may include only a few people, but size is not the issue.  The issue is finding individuals: Whose hearts are broken over the condition of the congregation, as well as, the needs of the community, AND who believe that it is God’s will that His church be used as a tool to reach out to others for Him.

Possibly God is calling you to be a part of this team!

The pastor will train team members to pray much more corporately than individually.  (Others in the congregation should be praying for individual saints and their needs).  This prayer team will view the congregation as a unit, a group of people that God desires to leverage for effective ministry.

  • Team One members will pray that the congregation embraces an outward-focused mission, bringing to the forefront, the spiritual needs of the community.

  • We will pray for a compelling vision that will motivate and drive the congregation to great acts of ministry.

  • We will pray that the congregation will see the urgency for such a mission and vision.

    Remember, the purpose of Team One meetings is that of prayer and more prayer.  Training occurs through the focus on prayer.  If you would like to offer one hour a week (Mondays @ 10 AM) , please consider your place on this very important team.